Much huffing and puffing..

Having scoffed at Daisy for naming her food, I now have to eat my words and introduce to you, Itchy, Scratchy and Sniffles. They might not be huffing and puffing, but my 3 little pigs are doing a good job of bulldozing the bit of ground behind Frank’s Dairy, unearthing all manner of buried scrap and creating neat piles of nettle roots that would have taken me days to pull out. I had forgotten what time wasters pigs can be; they are such characters and together with my youngest son Tom, a day can soon pass. So far he has built them a wallow, and the best of all, his ‘perfect pig massager’; a post driven into the ground with 3 old broom heads bolted to it. Watching each of them heave and scratch against it was the funniest thing and gave Tom’s shins a rest from doing the self same job.
I was out with Daisy checking her Galloways the other day. I turned to see her eyes closed with her hands to her face in what looked like a state of bliss. She looked up and caught my quizzical look, shrugged and said, ‘I like the smell of my cows’. It made me think  of all the smells of our year: The first washing out on the line in the weak spring sun; Summer’s lawns and hay mown and sweet like the first of the new season’s wheat reed; muck spreading, the wheat reed turning from sweet to something nearer cat pee once wet with rain…or actual pee from the owner’s dog marking each pile of reed as his own. Soon will come the first drifts of wood-smoke from chilly chimneys, and sometimes the smell of bacon wafting up from the customer’s kitchen, with the possibility that it might be a kind Saturday sandwich coming our way. With your eyes on the work and your ears on the radio, you could be forgiven for thinking time had stood still. But then you crank yourself back to upright, and with a coffee and maybe that kind sandwich in hand you can see the day’s work, and be content.

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