Long days, dogs and reed…

We have been thatching from early till late, these long summer days, working over in the Quantocks on a stone and cob house that is being completely redeveloped. Although there is a deadline that has to be met as some other trades can’t start till we  finish, it has been fun to work on a building site again. Usually it’s just me and Daisy on the roof debating this matter or that following whatever has just  aired on Radio 4, but with the carpenter’s radio set to ‘Heart’ and plenty of banter between all of us, we’re about 5 weeks adrift of any current affairs. Except the cricket, about which the builder is passionate, so we are more up to date than perhaps we thought we needed to be on that one! There are other differences from working for a private client: Health and Safety is more of a challenge with so many more people on site, and more coming and going on the scaffold, and although part of this means keeping everything tidy, it’s not the same as trying to keep a customer’s garden from the worst ravages of feet, tools and waste reed that seems to weave it’s way through every delicate plant. We can work whatever hours we like with no fear of interrupting a weekend’s peace, although conversely that means we’ve not had a full weekend off for some while. All in all it feels good to be part of a bigger team working to a common goal, and most days have in them much laughter and plenty of tea.
The wheat reed that we were lucky enough to find in April, has been very good to work with, with very little waste..so now we watch the weather with fingers crossed for a decent harvest and the opportunity to buy in some more. Daisy also her fingers crossed for Jelly, who she has just entered into the Lurcher and Whippet race at the upcoming Yarcombe Terrier Races. Having just chased every living thing from one end of Saunton Sands to the other, Daisy is optimistic, but for my money, it’ll be a miracle if Jelly can hold a straight line to the finish. Thanks to Yarcombe young farmers and the Meyrick family for continuing with this firm favourite in our country calendar, and we shall hope to see you all there.

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