Alan Ferrari has been thatching the homes, buildings and birdhouses of the uk for 28 years. In the beginning he trained with first one and then another thatcher, before starting out on his own. As with many other trades involved with our old and ancient buildings, like the timber framers and the  stonemasons…. some of the best lessons come from unpicking the work of previous generations of thatchers. Each layer stripped away reveals a different solution to the problems that came before, and informs our actions in re-coating the roof. Every house and every client is different, so it is the kind of work that is impossible to tire of.

Whether your property is new or old, an organic jumble of eyebrows and hips or crisp and formal in it’s planes; whether you just need a patch, a ridge or a completely new coat, Alan will work with you through the whole process to give you the beautiful and watertight roof that you want.

As with all good craftsmen, there is a waiting list, however once you have accepted our quote we will keep you dry until we can get to you.

Best thing about thatching? “The oldest form of roofing, and I’m still here in the 21st century doing it…”

Worst thing? “The lovely British weather!”

The Apprentice…

What started as a few days work to help Daisy through a tricky Christmas, has turned into a 6 year part time apprentice-ship and then some. Having spent most of her life as a furniture maker and carpenter, with a couple of short stints as a clown and big-top rigger, plus her other job as as bookkeeper at American Retro Caravans http://www.arcairstreams.co.uk/ …it turns out she is quite useful. Whilst I wouldn’t let her loose on a whole roof just yet, she has thatched 2 wheat reed hips and one water reed in a very tidy fashion; she can follow my line albeit not as fast […Daisy says…YET!!], and her cross-spars are neat and tidy too, although the peak patterns are unique to her.

Best thing about thatching? “The people, definitely the people…or the sun when it finally comes round to the side you’re working on…”

Worst thing? “The cracks in my fingertips in winter”

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