Our Thatching Life, featuring Ferrari the Thatcher, Daisy his boss and a 3 legged dog called Lilith…

So it’s all change for August: A slate roof and Daisy is the boss, mainly because it’s her own roof and there is a good deal of carpentry involved. Over the years I have seen a mixture of anxiety and resignation in the faces of Daisy’s family as her idea of redecorating often involves hearing her say, “Oh it’ll be fine…we’ll just take down this wall and build that there and…”, where perhaps they were just thinking a pot of paint and a brush!
This time one of her daughters will be pleased as the new roof will create enough space for a mezzanine sleeping deck, meaning that the now tiny bedroom below can house a grown-up sized wardrobe and a desk.
As I write, my sister’s 3 legged dog has just run through the house, launched herself onto a polished dining room chair, tipping it into mine and landing her squarely on my lap, looking very pleased with herself. We are looking after her for 2 weeks and the sweet, quiet, reserved little rescue dog that arrived has now settled in and turned into a bit of a character…which Daisy seems to find highly entertaining. She and the girls are enjoying having a hound around tho’, and part of the pressure on finishing her own roof in good time is that they are hoping to get a new puppy once it’s done. Just one bit of chaos at a time!
All the while we watch the weather, hoping for a good wheat reed harvest as our next roof is a traditional Devon long house. If it’s going to rain, let it be either side of Daisy’s roof and gentle enough to keep the wheat standing.rhubarb g and canada dry

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