A Winter’s Tale…

Papwort's Piggery

Even if I weren’t shaking sheets of ice off the tarps at the beginning of the day, I can tell it’s getting colder as with every few degrees less, Daisy adds a few layers more…. she is up to 5 now plus her jacket. That said, having finished Mr and Mrs P’s piggery, we are now on the sunny side of Mr and Mrs H’s roof, so it’s not long before we warm up. We are re-thatching their house in water reed, with a simple, straight block ridge. We are only doing two sides as the two rear extensions still have a few years in them. It is often the case that each elevation wears at a different rate to the other, with things like the prevailing weather, shading from trees, the pitch of the roof or how many details like dormer ‘eyebrows’ or valleys there are, all influencing how the roof bears up over time. Perhaps sadly the more straight, steep and featureless your roof, the longer it will last between coats.
With a ridge lasting up to eight years and the main coatwork lasting up to twenty, it can be a bit of a juggle timing a re-thatch to coincide with a re-ridge, but we try to keep you dry with small patches where necessary, and timetable your work so that you are getting the most out of your roof. The only time we might advise you to the contrary is if you are selling your house, as a glowing new thatch that will last for years is a good selling point.
Daisy’s youngest is counting down the days to Christmas… I expect Mr and Mrs H are counting the days till the scaffolding goes as not many people like scaffolding poles as a view out of the window on Christmas day!

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