Sunny side up…Chard High Street

Well it has been…honestly! Before Storm Angus and contrary to my misty photographs, we have been down to shirt sleeves most days since starting  Mr and Mrs G’s wheat reed re-thatch. Although it’s a little bit different from the quiet rural idyll of our last job: it takes ages to cross the road to the van, which has had it’s mirror knocked off twice this week; we have to shout to be heard over the noise of the traffic and we have to be super careful not to drop the bales of old reed on top of passers by….on the up side; Mr and Mrs G. are looking after us beautifully, with bacon sandwiches and fruit cake, the butcher has bones for Stitch the dog and we have the museum next door  ( where we learned that Chard is the birth place of powered flight….sorry about that Dayton!

This being a wheat reed roof with a block ridge, it has a nice rythm to the working of it. You have to handle wheat reed to get it to lie right, working each armful to sort and tidy and tap down the stems. Order from chaos, each armful dressed and bound with a few twisted stems from it’s neighbour. Happy.

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