Limited vehicular access…

The month to date has very much been the month of the motor. With my VW Transporter parked up in Wellington waiting for a tiny part that always seems to be, “…2 weeks away, mate, it’s in a factory in Germany”, my options for getting to work and moving reed to and from the yard are poles apart. I’ve got ‘The Old Girl’, a wonderful Bedford J-Type tipper, perfect in every way for transporting reed on a dry day, except that I need a lollipop person to get me across the A30 as there is little hope of achieving 0-60 in anything less than ten minutes, or in fact achieving 60mph at all!  At the other end of the scale Daisy has a super little car, bought for her eldest to learn to drive in. It’s comfortable, nippy and does 50 to the gallon, but obviously can’t carry any materials….so every day involves a juggle of keys and cars, from A to B, then B to C and back again. Some vital tool always seems to be in a different vehicle, in the wrong place…I can’t wait to get my van back! Meantime Daisy found herself musing on a very modern problem; with one daughter joining Extinction Rebellion, and the other starting to learn to drive. We seem to live lives of constant conflict and compromise. We comfort ourselves from 9 till 5 that the work we do and the materials we use have very low environmental impact. The reed we have just bought is grown with low or no inputs; the steel and twine are recyclable, the old reed compostable …… and then we return home in our combustion engines to a meal that seems to always involve half a dozen plastic packets. Mind you after a day trip to Dartmoor, Daisy’s steaks are about to arrive in much better packaging…and on cloven hooves, in the form of 3 Galloway store cattle; ‘Tips’ is all white with black ear tips and magnificent eyelashes; ‘Red’ is a nice little red heifer and ‘MandM’ is Black with a white patch. I have pointed out it might be a mistake to name your future food…we might end up vegetarian after all!

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